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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids...
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♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ >> reporter: a woman riding her bike along this street in berkeley is shot to death overnight. we'll tell you what berkeley police are doing this morning to try to track down her killer. four people are wounded in late-night gunfire near oakland's lake merritt. we have new information on the condition of the victim. it's another stormy morning commute in the bay area. heavy traffic in richmond and berkeley. what you need to know before you hit the highway. >> reporter: and the latest storm is hitting the bay area as we speak. we'll tell you how businesses, residents and commuters are preparing, as "mornings on 2"
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starts right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, december 5th. in the pouring rain, berkeley crime technicians spent the night collecting schools in a fatal shooting outside of a school. alex savidge is live where a woman riding her bicycle was gunned down there. alex? >> reporter: good morning. the woman was likely in her late 40s and early 50s. so far she's not been identified. she was riding her bike along this stretch of sacramento street late last night when she was shot to death. the circumstances before that shooting still unclear for berkeley police. this shooting happened right now next door to the yard here at longfellow middle school. this street was blocked off for several hours early this
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morning as investigators gathered evidence out here. just a few hours ago, the coroner came in and took away the woman's body. berkeley police got this call around 11:30 last night 911 calls came in. a lieutenant described this as a seemingly innocuous call, except when officers arrived, they saw the woman was shot. she was pronounced dead on the scene. investigators are looking for witnesses and leads. but the lieutenant says it's too early to say -- to say what a motive is. again, investigators at this point, don't have a lot to go on. they don't really know what lead up to the -- led up to the shooting. police at this point don't have
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any information, a description. this was berkeley's fourth homicide of the year so far. live in morning in berkeley, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. a man walking to a liquor store was among four people shot near oakland's lake merritt. investigators recovered dozens of shell casings at two separate crime scenes. at 10:30, officers were called to east 18th street. three people in their 20s have been shot there. two men and a woman. meanwhile, a stray bullet had wounded an apparent innocent bystander, heading to a liquor store a few blocks away. all of the victims are recovering in the hospital this morning. coming up at 7:30 a live report on what kind of weapons police think were used in this attack. 7:03. grab an umbrella. we have rain. more of it moving into the bay area, coming down pretty good causing problems all over the
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bay area. ktvu's brian flores is live near larkspur right there. i can see you're wet. coming down pretty good. >> reporter: yeah, probably about a couple of minutes ago, dave, the rain started pouring pretty good here. yeah, but steve's been talking about it all morning. we're not expecting huge rain amounts from this storm but the ground is saturated from the storms and some commuters and residents are not taking any chances. we talked by a lumber company in mill valley. owners and employees putting sandbags there and keeping them there because of the rain. this store was flooded past sunday. storeowners tell us after this incident over this past weekend with the recent storms that they just didn't want to take any chances. >> worried about tomorrow morning? >> hopefully, it will be not that bad. >> reporter: we did drive by the store early this morning
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and it looks like the sand bags are working right there right now. the rain is continuing to pour down here and hopefully the sand bags will prevent any flooding here. on a side note as we take a look at -- i think the biggest concern is the roadways. tara's been talking about it all morning. there were three accidents on the 80. if you are heading out this morning, take it easy on the roadways and slow down. back to you. >> we're gonna continue our team coverage. we have tara in our traffic center. you've been busy. you are watching richmond, berkeley and everything. >> that's right. we have a lot of rain. we have a slew of accidents that happened. ate 0 westbound. some them have cleared but the repercussions can be felt. if we take a live look at the east shore freeway. this is a look at the macarthur
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maze. and the east shore on the far right-hand side of your screen, those are folks headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. normally it doesn't get this backed you. so definitely give yourself extra time. 280, we have slow going traffic northbound as you make your to santa clara and 280 in san jose, a different shot near ray street. traffic is slow on the right- hand side there, northbound as you drive towards san francisco. 7:06. here's steve. all right, tara. for some to the north, things have calmed down. for others it's pouring. some reports anywhere from tiburon, pacifica, san francisco, the marina district, danville hills, belmont to san jose and mountain view and there's a window. some of the totals, about a .50 to 1.50. right over the marina district
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about 15 minutes ago. it was pouring. looks like things have let up. moderate to heavy rain. some moderate to heavy rain there over towards emeryville, the bay bridge, berkeley, oakland. you can see the red. that's pretty heavy. coming in right back to the east bay. you can see stretching there from concord, san ramon, 680 corridor, dublin, pleasanton, livermore, back to san ramon, pretty good line also from heyed -- hayward. back to the peninsula, there's been enhancement, especially san mateo, belmont, woodside. right along the san mateo coast near skyline, now stretching to the santa cruz mountains. south coast, woodstock, you can see mountain view head heading up and just getting to san jose. things are not look -- things are not as active there but they are getting there soon. you can see the santa cruz mountains. that whole line is moving.
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so forestville 1.30. san francisco, .75. i think about half of that fell in about an hour and a half. petaluma about .50. pretty good band of moisture but it is moving onshore right now. so i think pie noon, things will let up. cloudy, rain, some fog. heavy rain for some. drizzle for others. 60s on the temperatures. unbelievably mild out there and this is the last in the series. the pattern will change. fog will be a huge issue thursday and friday, nights an morning looks good for the weekend, though. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. new this morning -- citigroup says it will cut thousands of jobs but it's not saying when it will take action. the bank does say 11,000 jobs will be eliminated and it plans to close some of the branches. no specifics have been released on which branches will be
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impacted. but citi says the changes will help save money this year and more in 2013. president obama is expected to announce his nominees for secretary of defense and secretary of state. that's according to white house sources. reportedly, former republican senator, chuck hagel is on the short list for secretary of defense to replace leon panetta who is stepping down. another top contender, john kerry. but the president is also considering to replace hillary clinton with john considerry. susan rice for the united nations, she is still facing opposition because of statements she made about the libyan attack. president obama is meeting with two different groups today. both have concerns about the fiscal cliff crisis. he will lead with the ceos of business leaders and then
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later, he will meet with native- american tribal leaders. the one issue where he's refusing to budge in fiscal cliff issues. the voters passed prop 30, which raises taxes on people who earn more than $250,000 a year. it also increases the sales tax. well, the ucla and der son forecast says because of prop 30 -- anderson forecast says because of prop 30, unemployment will not improve as fast and personal income will be less than expected. but economists say california is still on track for economic growth and more jobs. well, sheriffs in solano county want your help. they are trying to catch vandals who damaged a home known for its holiday displays. every year, bob and linda taylor transform their home in vallejo on glencove road into a
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christmas wonderland. but this year, someone ripped down some of their lights and dragged them in the streets and they were run over. the taylors say the lights can be fixed an santa claus will still come. another example of a grinch on the loose. what happened at a local christmas tree lot run by boy scouts. i'm gonna go ahead and announcement my retirement. >> katt williams calls it quits. the latest incident that prompted that announcement. ?f<
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cloudy to the north, very heavy rain from about san francisco to alameda and oakland. you can see on the peninsula, highway 1 stretching to the east bay, heading south. we'll take a closer look at it coming up very, very soon.
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it's 7:14. police are searching for thieves who stole $1,000 worth of holiday items from a christmas lot run by boy scouts. workers say they discovered the items missing friday when they opened the lot on morago avenue in piedmont. about 20 wreaths were stolen along with garland, stools and a heater used by scouts and their parents. these items provide about 20% of the boy scouts' budget. and a thief near san diego made off with a salvation army red kettle and all of the cash that was inside it. escondido police say the bell ringer stepped away from the kettle to help someone and the thief made away with the money inside it. the several donations are already low while request for assistance are is running high.
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while the fiscal cliff is getting close, president obama is getting tough, digging in his heels. he says the wealthiest americans must way higher taxes. alison? >> reporter: that's. house democrats are echoing the president's demand in the past half-hour. nancy pelosi renewed her call for an immediate house vote on a bill that would extend current tax rates or the -- for the middle school and increase tax increases for the wealthiest, 2% of the americans. >> if the republicans agree to bringing up the middle income tax cut, which i hope they will, that will be a victory for the american people. that's why we're here. and the cliff, which is becoming more of a slope, if they do that. >> reporter: john boehner met with house republicans. he's about to hold a news conference. he will be speaking in a few minutes. he's facing a potential revolt within his party if he caves to the pressure from the president
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and lets the tax rates go up. president obama is meeting with business leaders about all of this right now and we expect to hear with him -- from him within the hour. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. florida republican senator marco rubio said republicans should take a strong stand against president obama's plan to raise taxes on upper income americans. last night, he was honored with the jack kemp leadership awards and rubio said he's against the president's plan because he says it will hurt businesses and workers. [ applause ] >> this isn't about a pledge. it isn't about protecting millionaires and billionaires. for me, it's about the fact that tax -- the tax increases he wants would fail to make a small dent in the debt but it would hurt middle-class businesses and the people who work for them. >> also, paul ryan was there. he delivered the keynote
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speech. he was last year's winner of the kemp leadership award. controversial comedian katt williams says he's done. he's quitting standup comedy after another run-in with the law. >> i'm just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from standup. i'm kind of done. >> williams made the announcement outside of a seattle hotel monday night after being kicked out. on sunday, he was taken to jail accused of fighting inside a seattle bar. it's the latest in a string of highly publicized incident. his tour in oakland was cut short after a meltdown. he's accused of leading police on a chase in downtown sacramento. it appears that oprah winfrey is no longer the world's richest black woman. oprah's net worth is estimated at $2.7 billion. that's according to "forbes" but nigerian oil typhoon, this
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woman, is worth an estimated billion 3.2 billion. that's according to venture africa magazine. she applied for an oil prospecting license in 1993. but she hit it big in 2000 when her business partners discovered her land contained more than a billion barrels of oil. 7:18. fremont police searching for a suspect blamed for several robberies. a felony arrest warrant is issued for 18-year-old cane brazil accused of robberies in burling game and also at a -- burlingame and also at a auto mall. he's described as a light- skinned, 18-year-old man, about 5'3", 180 pounds and he has black hair. he may be living in oakland or benicia. a man accused of stealing a lamborghini and a shooting is
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expected to be in court this morning. he's accused of shooting at a couple last april and stealing a lamborghini belonging to celebrity chef guy fieri last year. 7:19. a vote on the fate of four contra costa counties comes next year. voters rejected a parcel tax that would have raised money for the fire stations. the stations are in martinez, la fayette, la fayette and clayton -- walnut creek and clayton. a los angeles area firehouse is under fire this morning for letting an exercise company shoot a rather raycy video inside the station. ♪ >> the video shows a scantily-
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clad woman dancing around with a hula-hoop inside a fire station in venice. fire officials are investigating why the station allowed the filming. the station was in trouble last year for allowing fire trucks to be used in a porn movie. 7:20. well, mark your calendar if you love music. organizers of the lands festival just announced the dates for next year. ♪ >> that's stevie wonder. 2013 festival will be held august 9th through august 11th at golden gate park. organizers have not told us yet who will be performing next year. last year's headliners including stevie wonder, neil young. also meatal law. big show -- also, metallica. big show out there. 7:21. we continue our stormwatch coverage. meteorologist, steve paulson, is tracking the storm. he will tell us which parts of
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the bay area will get the most rain. he's coming back. scutaro! he has a new deal. we'll tell you what it took to re-sign him. and here is a live look at 280 at the 880 split. we have a lot of accidents in san francisco. we will tell you about them -- coming up. íño%
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fire crews in merced, still investigating last night's ammonia leak at a food processing plant. it happened at the dole frozen plant near atwater. an explosion released about 100,000 gallons of ammonia last night. merced county deputies evacuated several nearby homes as a precaution. but everyone was allowed to go back home. it is 7:24. the world series champion san francisco giants are welcoming
7:25 am
the return of mark co scutaro. he agreed to a three-deal, $20 million contract. he was the mvp in the national league series championship. and he smacked the winning hit, game 4 of the world series, leading to the sweep. the giants originally offered a two-year deal but when another team wanted to sign him, the giants guaranteed a third year. all right. 7:24. watching the traffic this morning, the roads are wet. you have to be careful drive, everywhere, tara. >> definitely, it's really the storm that wreaked havoc on san francisco. we have so many accidents to tell you about. it will be a little confusing here on the maps. we have a lane blocked here. 280 southbound at john daly. another one at hickey boulevard. look at this stuff. right lane blocked at the embarcadero northbound second street. we have another lane blocked, 280. and this area, that's flooding
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at paul avenue. so this whole section here. pretty much a nightmare. try to avoid it. if you can take some surface streets. both 280 and 101 completely congested. up next, a look at the east shore freeway, we've not had much luck here either. traffic extending from pinole to berkeley. right here it starts to get better but still some backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lies are on. down in the south bay, 237, him pete tis, you can see westbound traffic there as you make your way towards sunnyvale. also slow going. 7:25. let's check in with steve. thank you, tara. the twitter nation alive and well with the reports this morning. spweather, by the way. sheets of rain, woodside. heavy rain moving into kings mountain, letting up to the north bay. i will show you in a second. there's been heavy rain in san francisco. i've had a couple of reports from pacifica to sausalito that it is getting -- letting up a little bit. looks like the line is moving
7:27 am
east to south. el cerrito, pretty heavy rain there. not much in the north bay. things are calming down there. you can see a line from la fayette. peggy said pouring in la fayette as well. also over to san ramon danville, 680, 580 corridor at the dublin/livermore split. heavy rain from south san francisco to peninsula, san mateo, woodside, sunnyvale, mountain view, you can see the line stretching. now into the santa cruz mountains. san jose took a while. but it is there all. all three cameras have rain on that area. it's beginning to increase. this system is heading south. some of the rain totals, sebastopol and cazadero, oakmont, on highway 12, 1.25, sausalito, 1.28. san francisco, that's our
7:28 am
observer mike polanski, .84. petaluma .52. we'll take another look in about ten minutes. pictures of the big rig crash overnight that will make you wonder how one family imagined to escape injury. police are warning people in downtown palo alto to be on the look just for a man attacking women and trying to rob them. we'll tell you how police are responding. right now, police are searching for multiple shooters in a shooting that left people shot, including an innocent bystander, in the hospital. we'll tell you more -- when "mornings on 2" comes back.
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but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ well, our last system in the series is not going quietly. it's done in the north bay. it's really been coming down on parts of the peninsula, woodside, sunnyvale to the santa cruz mountains. a lot of this on the back has been heading into the san jose area now. some this is -- of this has been moderate to heavy. look at that yellow and red. more coming up soon. now tara has an update on the traffic. >> thank you, steve. we have a look at two accidents and this will take a toll on your commute, westbound into the caldecott tunnel.
7:32 am
if we take a look at the maps, antioch, pittsburg area, we do have a lot of heavy traffic there. highway 4 westbound and then 680 as well. southbound through walnut creek. let's head back to the desk. as steve has been telling us this new storm system is not quite packing the same punch as last week's series of storms but there's still plenty of rain. these pictures were taken on lucky drive just a few minutes ago. there have been a large number of fender-benders and crashes since the rain began a few hours ago. the chp is urging everyone to be extremely careful when you hit the road this morning. in santa cruz county, vinehill road in scotts valley could partially reopen this afternoon. heavy rains from the weekend storm washed away part of the roadway. county crews say the restoration is a top priority because vinehill road is a crucial connector to highway 17 and silicon valley. also you can get up-to-the- minute weather information by
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downloading the ktvu app or go to our website,, and look for the storm watch tab near the top of the page. we also provide updatens 0 facebook and twitter. four people were shot last night near lake merritt in oakland. shots were fired on east 18th street about 10:30 last night. college, you've been -- claudine wong, you've been on this story since 4:30. what are police saying about the weapons involved? >> reporter: we know some pretty powerful weapons were used in the crime. we just got back to the police station. we're trying to get you a better idea in the shooting that left four people in the hospital. one person simply caught in the gunfire, an inknow se-- innocent bystander. 911 calls went to the local sheriff's departments about gunshots. this woman heard the gunfire go me and my friend were going to
7:34 am
bed, 10:15, 10:30 and there were probably about six, seven gunshots. it's something that you kind normally hear around here. so you don't worry about it too much as long as you are inside. >> reporter: the shots were fired on east 18th street. three people were hit here but one of the shots fired didn't stop. it went three blocks down to the 300 block of east 18th. that bullet hit a fourth victim here, a man simply walking inside this liquor store. he and the other victims were taken to the hospital in serious condition. we are told by police this morning that they are expected to survive. we do not have a motive but weigh know that the police -- we know that there were multiple shooters. we know investigators worked through the night. they spent the night at the hospital and the crime scene. we also know that public safety will be a topic of discussion
7:35 am
tonight. the mayor of oakland and the staff beginning tonight a series of town hall meetings where they want to talk directly to the public about any possible concerns about anything with the city and obviously public safety will be an issue. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. a family is extremely lucky. they managed to survive a serious chain reaction hit and run in san leandro. just before 1:00, a husband, wife and two children were t- boned by a big rig on highway 238, near the washington exit. everyone walked away from the crash. the chp says it began with a white honda, possibly hitting the center divide and losing its right front wheel. the family's car swerved to avoid the honda but lost control and ended up sideways. the big rig slowed down in time narrowly missing a major collision. two people in the honda, fled from the scene. police in palo alto are stepping up patrols in the downtown area after two recent
7:36 am
attacks. ktvu's janine de la vega is in palo alto to tell us why police think these incidents may be connected. >> reporter: good morning, tori. police say these incidents happened around the same time in the morning, in the same geographical location here in the downtown corridor around the suspect description is somewhat similar. people we spoke to heard about the incidents and say they are trying to be more aware of their surroundings. this first incident happened on sunday, after 1:00 in the morning on homer avenue. a woman was walking and listening to music with headphones on and she was jumped from behind and pushed to the ground by a man. he tried to take her purse. when she resisted, she was punched in the face six to eight times. the man ran away and then a woman in her 70s sleeping in front of a vacant business was opened up by a man reaching in her pocket. when she pushed her away, the
7:37 am
man hit her in the face and he ran away. a woman realizes that she may look like a vulnerable target. >> in my case, the cane could come in handy. i guess i feel angry when i hear about these attacks on women. so someone thinks of me as an easy target. that would be the biggest mistake they made all day. >> reporter: now, here is a map that shows how close those two incidents occurred to each other in the downtown area. police have ramped up patrols in the downtown area. officers are working overnight and looking out for anyone who looks suspicious. the suspect description is vague. a man in his 20s wearing a dark- hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. they are just trying to keep their eyes open and trying to stay vigilant when you are walking and unfortunately have to be alone. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:36. in court today, the man accused
7:38 am
of raining an autistic girl -- raping an autistic girl from oakland. pam cook is in the newsroom with more on this horrible crime and what oakland police are saying. >> we're getting new details about what happened to this young girl, the suspect, and how she managed to escape. police identified the suspect as 36-year-old gary atkinson. court documents though he has -- show he has a violent past including five felony convictions. he will be in court this morning. on sunday, he was arrested near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where police say surveillance cameras captured images of him last tours, the same night the girl disappeared. police say atkinson took her to his san francisco home and repeatedly raped her. she did manage to escape on thursday and was spotted by a muni operator badly beaten. >> she was resilient. she -- she assisted the investigators in this case, and we're very proud of her
7:39 am
courage. >> investigators say the 16- year-old girl has the mental capacity of a second-grader but she was able to pick out her attacker in a lineup. the kidnapping happened after she walked away from the fred finch youth sent r, where she lives. she was followed by staff members who lost track of her. we're also told the california department of social services has opened an investigation into that youth center to look at whether or not staff acted appropriately. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, back to you. >> thank you, pam. 7:3. new this morning -- the strike is over at the ports of long beach and los angeles. workers returned to work about 35 minutes ago ending an eight- day strike. here's new video from southern california. the port's clerical workers went on strike and dock workers refused to cross picket lines. the issue claimed that clerical
7:40 am
workers could be outsourced and their jobs would go overseas. but they are denying that. the union reached a tentative agreement that will be voted on in the next couple of days. it's expected to pass. 7:39. a lot of rain this morning. grab an umbrella and drive careful. tara, you are seeing a lot of flooded roads. >> that's right. we have a lot of, you know, one to tree feet of water -- to three feet of water. paul avenue southbound, we've had an issthere. 580 westbound at the lakeport avenue. right now we're going to take a live look at the macarthur maze. our bay bridge toll camera is down. you can see all of these folks here trying to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a lot of backup on the east shore freeway. you can see definitely slow going and these are rain- slicked roads. up next, let's take a look at
7:41 am
the maps. you can see we have quite a bit of congestion. westbound as well as 680 southbound and then this is really -- this has been like this all morning long, stretching from vallejo down on through the bridge. you can see that we have a lot of gridlock. down at the south bay, at the 280 split, heavy congestion as you drive towards san santa clara. let's check in with steve. >> there's two good things, it's not stalling out and there's not much wind. most locations are calm. a little southeast wind. it packed a pretty good punch in a certain area and it's moving south. there was really heavy rain in san francisco for a while. steady rain around bruce bane, pacifica, south san francisco. it's really letting up in the north bay as it moves south. peninsula, woodside, sunnyvale, all reports of heavy rain moving into san jose, santa cruz mountains. see some of that, san ramon,
7:42 am
oakland, looks like it is drifting south. but the 580, 680 corridor and back to san francisco, oakland things look to be et letting um. there was really heavy rain around tiburon. but that whole line is now pushing up towards the southern end of the peninsula. palo alto, you can see stretching back over to the dumbarton, san jose, fremont, hayward, newark, union city. some of the amounts pushing into the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley. some of the heavier amounts. highway 9, 17 and loss that line up to los altos, mountain view, back to milpitas, sunnyvale and moving into san jose. at least this line is moving. pretty good pockets of very heavy rain. still out towards dublin, pleasanton and livermore. i'm sure the sunol grade. blackhawk and antioch and pittsburg, oakley and brentwood. some of the rain totals, the forecast models said one to two north of santa rosa. that verified, there were 2- inch amounts in mendocino
7:43 am
county. oakmont near kentwood, 1.25. sausalito, 1.28. not too bad. san francisco .84. i kid you not, about half of that fell in an hour, hour and a half. petaluma, .50. some totals are still coming in. our whole line is moving very slowly south and will continue to move to the santa cruz mountains. the peninsula, east bay and then the south bay. it will be out of here probably around noon. heavy for some, drizzle for others. this is the last system in this pattern. fog, nights and mornings thursday and friday and the weekend, fog, maybe saturday and a little breeze out of the northwest should scour things out. it will be sunny. >> thank you, steve. 7:42. a big deal for netflix. and why police are confident they have the right person in custody pushed a man into the path of a new york
7:44 am
subway and the newspaper that's sparking a lot of controversy. n
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:46. today, amazon is announcing a subscription service for children. it will provide thousands of
7:47 am
games, videos and books for kids using the kindle fire. the services are aimed for children between 3 and 8. it will cost $5 a month for one child and a family plan up to six kids will be $10. it should be available in the next few weeks. netflix has made a breakthrough move as it tries to secure more exclusive programming for the streaming video service. they outbid starz network for the u.s. rights to showdyny -- disney movies eight months after they are out of theaters. netflix is not saying how much they paid. but this is the first time they've sold rights to an internet company instead of a premium tv network. the agreement does not go into effect until 2016. john mcafee, now wants asylum in guatemala after police in belize named him a person of interest in a murder
7:48 am
case. police want to question him about the murder of a neighbor. he says he had nothing to do with it and he fled because he fears persecution. police say he's not a suspect in the case. they just want to talk to him to get some answers for their investigation. back here at home, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in hayes valley. it happened on grove and buchanan about 8:00 last night. police say they found had a man who had been shot once in the torso and the leg. he was rushed to the hospital. but he later died. so far no arrests have been made. 7:47. police in new york may be closing in on a suspect who after a man -- a man was pushed in front of an up coming subway train and killed. police say a man being questioned has implicated himself in the attack. he was taken into custody yesterday. 5-year-old hong was hit and killed on monday.
7:49 am
police say it started -- 5 ate- year-old hong was hit and killed on monday. police say it started with a confrontation. part of that was caught on cell phone video. no charges have been fired -- have been filed. "the new york post" with the headline "doomed" said he try warn the train driver about this before it happened. under the terms of a plea deal, norman welsch is expected to plead gety to five charges in exchange for a lighter sentence. those charges include stealing marijuana and methamphetamine, falsely arresting a suspected drug dealer and stealing cash and cell phones from
7:50 am
prostitutes. the plea deal calls for him to serve at least ten years in prison when sentenced on friday. 7:49. santa clara county's top executive admits there should have been more oversight of the spending of county board president hiroshoka. internal talks broke down. smith's comments come after the san jose mercury news reported that he used a county credit card for thousands of dollars in personal expenses. he's reimbursed the county for about $7,000. those auditors are recommending that he immediately pay back an additional $12,000. well, nudists in san francisco plan to sue the city. >> freem! fighting for freem! -- freedom! fighting for freedom! >> the nudists stripped off
7:51 am
their clothes. they were covered up and led out of the chambers. 6-5 was the vote for a ban on public nudity. >> it does not harm children. it's known that children raised in nudists families are more comfortable with who they are. >> it's about people in the neighborhood who have lived here a long time who have gotten sick of their only public space being used in this way. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to sign the ordinance that would take effect in february. the first offense $100. this will allow nudity at the beta breakers and the folsom street affair. mountain view's city council approved the law to outlaw the single use of plastic bags. this applies to those consumers who sell directly could son
7:52 am
summers. nonprofit organizations are exempt. mountain view says the ban goes into effect on april 22nd next year which happens to be earth day. >> see? >> appropriate. >> i know. you taught me. [laughter] i just peeked outside. it's raining outside here. but there are problem spots for your commute all over the place. we'll show you the coastal roadway really being watched because of our rain. and 49er quarterback colin kaepernick was adopted at birth. now we're hearing from his biological mother for the first time.
7:53 am
7:54 am
we have new video of the aftermath of a deadly typhoon in the southern philippines. many villages are completely flooded with people having to wade through several feet of water just to get around. 300 people have died. it is almost certain that more bodies will be found.
7:55 am
many remote villages are isolated by landslides and floods and rescuers are struggling to get to them. the typhoon is one of the strongest to hit the country this year. caltrans hopes today's rain will not do further damage to a problem area along the pacific coast. yesterday, crews shored up a portion of devil's slide that was damaged by this past weekend's storm. traffic on highway 1 was reduced to one lane for much of the day. the biological mother of collin kaepernick is watching her son like the rest of us and wants to reconnect. he grew up in turlock. she said she's been trying to reconnect with him ever since giving him up for adoption. his birth mother says she's a fan. she wants to talk to him
7:56 am
because she's her son, not because he's a football star. we want to check in with tara and some delays. delays on caltrain? >> the southbound train has broken down and a northbound lane has been canceled. give yourself extra time this morning. right now, let's take a live look here at the macarthur maze. you can see definitely there's some wait. you can see there's definitely some congestion as you head into the bay bridge toll plaza. up next, we'll take a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. same story here, a lot of heavy congestion northbound as you make your way downtown. 680 at the sunol grade. the fog has rolled in. we have wet road ways. 7:55. here's steve. >> thank you, tara. good morning, everyone. sunol grade, here they go
7:57 am
again. but thankfully, there's not much wind with this system. the last two packed a punch in that department. this one finally moving in. thankfully it has not stalled. very heavy rain, southern marin, sausalito, tiburon, the marina district was slammed. the ban is moving also into the danville hills, you can see the heavier amounts are in the yellow and red. still no steady rain. a little bit there on the richmond side, but north san rafael, napa county, things are really starting to calm down. vallejo you can see the line there. bill tweety, .30. crockett, about the same, more towards rodeo, a pocket of rain near richmond. to the east bay, things are moving south, concord, walnut creek, san ramon, blackhawk, you can see 580, livermore, pleasanton, dublin, fremont getting pretty good rain as well. to the peninsula, san mateo had really heavy rain. so did woodside. it looks like it is over
7:58 am
stanford. right there and then back to san jose and also in the santa cruz mountains. sunnyvale had heavy rain for a while. cupertino. highway 17, things are picking um. boulder creek ben lomond, things are thicking up. are picking up. you can see there's some drying taking place and things like like they've ended on the north coast. for us us, this will be the last -- for us, this will be the last rainer of the pattern and then things will go dry. tomorrow morning, i will be talking about thick fog. >> really? >> it's really mild out there and there will be areas of fog. the weekend looks good. 7:58. how soon before there are free muni passes forelock -- low-
7:59 am
income use? >> reporter: a woman shot to death in berkeley while she's riding her bike. and we're live in larkspur where we're tracking the latest on this storm in terms of traffic conditions. we'll tell you why some businesses are not taking any chances as "mornings on 2" continues. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
8:00 am
8:01 am
and good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, december 5th. we're starting in berkeley. that's where a gunman killed a female bicyclist last night right near a middle school. alex savidge is outside longfellow middle school. you've been out there since 4:30. you just talked to police. what did they say. >> reporter: i can tell you with few leads to go on. a spokesperson for the berkeley police department told me investigators are gonna need the public's help to solve this crime. this woman was riding her bike along this stretch of sacramento street late last night when she was shot to death. this all unfolds as you can see right next to the yard the street was blocked off for
8:02 am
several hours early this morning as investigators collected evidence out here. berkeley police were first called out about 11:30 last night. they got 911 calls about a bicyclist who was down on the sidewalk. what many callers thought was a crash of some find. except when officers arrived, they quickly realized the woman was shot. she was row nounsed dead at the scene -- pronounced dead at the scene. they can't say if she was targeted or the victim of a random rhyme. >> at this point, we can't -- crime. >> at this point, we can't. we're looking at every angle. there's some concern, if there's a robbery and other motives. all different factors come into play to what led up to the shooting that occurred. >> reporter: police have not released a description involved in berkeley's fourth homicide of the year so far. the spokesperson i spoke with said investigators will certainly need witnesses in this area to come forward to help them make an arrest in
8:03 am
this case. live this morning in berkeley, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. officials in vallejo say they are working now to improve a very dangerous intersection. just last month, a truck hit and killed a 60-year-old pedestrian walking on winchester street in sonoma boulevard. the paper reports that prompted the city to move the intersection upgrades to the top of the list of their priorities. crews have since fixed three non-working lights in the area. they will fix three more in the coming weeks. 8:02. the rain really coming down in some parts of the bay area. that could cause problems for drivers and homeowners already dealing with storm damage. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian floor rose is live -- brian flores is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. in terms of the rain, the rain has let up here quite considerably. we're taking a look at the
8:04 am
southbound 101, it's starting to pick up there. steve paulson has been talking about it all morning. we're not expecting a huge amount of rain from this storm. but the ground is saturated, especially from last week's storm. there's lots of pockets of water in the roadways and some businesses and residents and even commuters are not taking any chances this morning. one of those businesses is goodman's lumber in mill valley. storeowners and employees placed sandbags there and kept them because of the rain. the store that sells a lot of rain gear became flooded this past wednesday. they say they didn't want to take any chances with this new set of storms. are you worried about tomorrow morning? >> hopefully it will not be that bad. >> i'm getting ready. i know it's coming. i know it's coming. so yeah, trying to get it all ready tonight. >> reporter: we did drive by the store earlier this morning, the rain was continuing to pour down there. hopefully the sand bags will
8:05 am
prevent any flooding out there. on a side note on top of the flooding on our way over here, we're on the -- we're on the 80, i should say, there are at least three accidents on their way over here. i think that's the bigger story this morning. the roads are obviously very wet. a lot of pockets of flooding. if you are heading out there, give yourself plenty of time to get to work. it will be quite a mess there this morning. we're live near larkspur, brian flores. and now we continue ure team coverage this morning with tara in our traffic center who is monitoring some flooding on 580. that's right. >> we do want too talk about -- to talk about flights being delayed. to see if your flight is affected, call ahead or check the internet. we do have some flooding on
8:06 am
580. our videographer, walter, shot this. be careful of hydroplaning. he said he noticed a lot of cars hitting it and skidding around. so definitely go a little bit more slowly. up next, we have a live look at the macarthur maze. we have a lot of backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see just how long the wait is to get to the plaza itself. the metering lights have been on since 6:00 this morning. up next, we have a look down in the south bay, 237 milpitas. westbound traffic towards sunnyvale. this has been the story for the past hour or so and it's typical for this time of the morning. 8:05, to steve. >> thank you, tara. a big thanks in the twitter nation. spweather if you want to send me information. melissa nunez, she says steady rain, umbrellas up in beautiful cold alley in san francisco. had reports of really heavy
8:07 am
rain. now that line is moving south. the peninsula, santa cruz mountains, santa cruz, south bay. tom blossom hill said rain picking up here. you can see the line picking up towards the east bay. it's been there but it moving south. it will let up here in the next, i would say, hour or so. you can see there is a distinct line there. richmond, mill valley, to the north things are much quieter. when you see the green, that's not that heavy. oakland, it looks like between back to san francisco where things are calmer. there is the line of heavier line. we'll take it from hayward, fremont, back to the sunol grade. 580, 680, 84, it looks like that is moving south as well. back to the peninsula, from san mateo, woodside, stanford, palo alto, that rain looks like it is pushing off. in towards the santa cruz mountains to campbell, saratoga and in the santa cruz mountains. things are lightening up a
8:08 am
little bit. but still, from san jose, blossom hill, cupertino and south los gatos, to morgan hill. monterey highway, san martin and also gilroy. this will be the last in the series. so four pretty good systems, i'll say. we could use some drying out and we'll get that after the system today. so cloudy, rain, some of it is just kind of a fine mist or a steady rain. decreasing cloudy, fog and the heavier rain pushing south toward the mountains and we're about down. not cold by any step of the imagination. steve bridges in -- stretch of the imagination, steve bridges up in tahoe. it will be unbelievely thick fog in the north and east bay. everything looks good for the weekend, clearing out, breezy, cooler, at least sunny. >> all right, steve. that's our story for tomorrow. three east bay firefighters badly hurt on sunday in a crash
8:09 am
on highway 24 in orinda during that big storm are out of the hospital and back home. they had rushed to several crashes caused by sunday's storm. they were hit as they were standing on the shoulder of highway 24. a fourth person, another driver was also hit. that driver is still in critical condition. now, the fire chief of morago says they are looking at new safety rules to keep another accident like that from happening again. a new crime-fighting tool for san francisco police, every week, police officers will post videos like the one you are looking at here on the department's website under a section called the lineup. they are hoping you will see the videos and report tips. now, this surveillance video shows a man using a stun gun to attack another man. this happened three weeks ago, about 9:30 at night on polk street. now, police describe the suspect as an african-american man, about 6'2", 200 pounds, between forthand 50 years old. if you have any information
8:10 am
call san francisco police. the on again/off again program to provide free muni passes to low-income families is on again. muni decided to use state grant money to fund a pilot program for free youth passes. the program starts in march and will run through at least june of 2014. the rest of the state grant money, $5 million will go toward bus and light rail improvements. and there are new plans to extend the valley transit agency's light rail system. the vta line now ends in campbell at the winchester station but there is a new proposal that would have it continue more than a mile and a half to highway 17 right near the netflix headquarters in los gatos. the plan was laid out at a meeting in campbell last night. vta says about 1,000 people a day get on at the winchester station. and many people who use it say the new station would make their lives much easier.
8:11 am
>> it would be perfect to take public transportation and then walk from there. >> vta estimates another 430 people would use the light rail system if the new system is built but critics say that's not new -- that's not enough new riders to justify the $175 million expense. 8:10. well, today is the deadline for the oldest repsyche. ing center in san francisco -- recycling center in san francisco to pack up and move out. the city's recreation and parks department wants the center outside of the keizer stadium to move out and plant a garden. they really want the center to move because it's attracting homeless people to golden gate park and the surrounding neighborhoods. here's a good question -- who is the most overpaid actor in hollywood? "forbes" magazine has the answer. we'll give it to you next. just can't come together and find any common ground on it. >> some of the people here in the bay area talking about the
8:12 am
chances of president obama and congress reaching a deal and avoiding that fiscal cliff. some girls wish to grow up to be a princess. other girls wish to simply grow up. mae and bailey are friends battling kidney cancer
8:13 am
at st. jude children's research hospital. we developed a treatment for their cancer that's helping kids like them across america. you know what i wish for? what's that honey? my hair back. and no more cancer. well, girls, st. jude is working on that. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo.
8:14 am
temperatures very mild. the rain will be letting up but still light to moderate amounts will continue for another couple of hours. 8:14. new this morning, north korea may be closer to launching a missil that can carry a nuclear
8:15 am
warhead. they have launched a rocket in the northwestern part of their country. reportedly, they plan to launch it as soon as month. north korea has denied having a nuclear weapons program but claims it will launch a rocket for science and research projects before december 22nd. u.n. secretary-general moon says he does not faber an asylum deal for president assad, even if it meansen ending the conflict in syria. he said anyone who commits human rights violations has to be held accountable. now, the secretary moon also warned of huge consequences if assad decides to use chemical weapons in that crisis. secretary of state, hillary clinton, also warned syria of a swift response from the united states if chemical weapons are used. well, today in egypt, supporters and critics of egypt's president have been
8:16 am
throwing rocks at each other and fighting with sticks right outside of the presidential palace. thousands of protesters marched. muhammed morsi left as the crowds got bigger. protesters are angry -- angry about a power grab by the new president. president obama is making a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. these are live pictures of the president at the business round table. he will be speaking later today to a group of native-american tribal leaders, more than 500 of them are concerned about how deep spending cuts made to avoid the fiscal cliff would affect native-american issues. and you may remember yesterday, the president met with a group
8:17 am
of six governors on this issue. this has become the primary focus on washington. alison burns is in our d.c. newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: that's right, tori. president obama is trying to convince these business leaders that he has a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff and get the economy back on track. but he says it's going to take some sacrifice. here's a look at the president shaking hands with business leaders about 15 minutes ago and he's calli for tax increases on the wealthiest americans and an extension of tax rates for the middle school. talks have fallen apart in recent days. but the president insists he's working with republicans to try to get a deal. republicans are willing to cut -- >> reporter: republicans are willing to cut loopholes.
8:18 am
here's what john boehner said. >> the revenues being put on the table are gonna come from guess who? the rich. >> reporter: republicans say it's clear to them that president obama is not serious about negotiating. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:17. we asked some people in the bay area whether they think the president and congress will reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff by the end of the year. >> they both have this position that they are not willing to back down from. i don't think they will reach it. >> i'm hoping and praying that they do come together. >> i think this is all kind of a shadow dance that's going on and i'm not sure exactly what's going on in the background. but i think the whole fiscal cliff is wildly exaggerated. >> a pew washington post poll shows more americans think the president and congress will not come to an agreement on how to
8:19 am
avoid the fiscal cliff by the end of the year. 49% to 40%. although the nhl season is still on ice, hockey will return to the hp pavilion in san jose. that's because the minor league will play a game december 17th there. they will take on the stockton thunder. the sharks say their season ticketholders can receive complimentary passes. there's still -- complementary passes. 8:19. who is the most overpaid actor
8:20 am
in the world? well, "forbes" magazine says it's eddie murphy. they list murphy at the top of the 2012 list of the most overpaid actors. they said his last three movies were flopped and for every dollar he was paid, the studios only paid $2.25. katherine heigl came in number two. for every dollar she earned, the studios earned about 3.40. reese witherspoon, her latest movie "how do you know" took in $50 million but it cost the studio more than double to make it. well, controversial comedian katt williams says he's done. he's quitting standup comedy after yet another run-in with the law. >> i'm just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from standup. i'm kind of done. >> katt williams made that announcement monday night after being kicked out of the hotel.
8:21 am
on sunday, he was taken to jail accused of fighting inside a bar in seattle. it's the latest in the strong of highly publicized incidents. remember the tour stop at oakland cut short right there on stage. he a meltdown and a man from berkeley accused williams of hitting him in the head with a bottle. williams is accused of leading police on a chase throughdown town sacramento. 8:20, the london hospital where kate middleton is recuperating fell victim a prank call. two australian radio deejays pretended to be the queen and prince charles and asked for information on the dutches. a -- duchess. a nurse gave controversial information. and the duchess is suffering from an acute form of morning sickness from her pregnancy. a hospital spokesman said they will begin to review telephone protocol. there's been talk that in some cases of this morning sickness
8:22 am
tends to happen in women who are carrying twins. twins run in prince william's family. >> that would be exciting. still ahead -- a san francisco dog-naps case, finally over. how neighbors helped a severely ill man get that presh nus dog -- precious dog back. and another rain storm is moving through the area. steve paulson will have more. and traffic is sluggish through the caldecott tunnel. we'll have flooding spots for you -- coming up. well, well, well.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
an ailing man has been rentedded with his stolen dog in san francisco. lola was taken from robert runkle's car last month. he's battling kidney disease and cancer and was devastated by the theft of his dog. his neighbor put up fliers and offered a $3,000 reward for lola to be returned. >> all i thought was what would i do if somebody stole my dog, trouser? you would want everyone you ever met to try to jump in and help. >> it was like the worst nightmare imaginable. like it wasn't true. >> last week a woman in oakland contacted the neighbors saying she found lola running near lake merritt. 8:25. tara's back.
8:26 am
you are watching how the weather is affecting the commute. 17 demar chur flights and 18 arrival flights have been canceled. so call ahead before you leave for the airport in san francisco. the macarthur maze, it's absolutely gridlocked if you are trying to get over to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. up next, the golden gate bridge. we have a sig-alert issued for the northbound lanes as you head into marin county. you can see it's very foggy here. we did have a head-on collision and they are trying to clear the scene. but we have several lanes blocked. as you know, since this is such a tiny bridge, we'll see this impact for a while. down to the 280 southbound traffic near the race tree exit traffic looking bad.
8:27 am
here's steve. this system, even though it doesn't have the wind, is still packing rain. it's time to dry out. hills are saturated. justin sent me a nice tweet saying canyon rain clearing up. now we have to watch for slides. and that's true. sometimes after the rain ends, it's 12, 24 hours later. there's the ban moving from santa cruz, san jose off to the east. at least it is moving. quieter to the north. still kind of -- still kind of a light rain or fog. a couple of pockets in it. boy, there was heavy rain. out to the sunol grade, there is where they are getting rain. sweeping by there, redwood city, woodside, los alto, palo alto, still some rain. campbell, los gatos and up along highway 17, san jose. over towards blossom hill. monterey highway, 101. morgan hill, san martin. this system really produced rain for a while.
8:28 am
it's starting to move out. it will rain up in the high country. rain in the sierra. we'll see it finally winding down, dave, but again -- some of the trees, some of them losing their grip. just keep an eye on things if you live in the hills. >> i had a tweet -- i saw a tweet from beth. she said i saw an oak tree come down. i believe it. we've had a foot of rain, you know, in a week for some areas. be careful in areas that -- burn areas as well. >> those hillsides, sure. 8:27. how the city of dublin cracking down on toe wacko. tough -- tobacco, tough new regulations and how it will affect local businesses. and a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. four people shot near lake merritt. now we know of surveillance video of the gunfire. >> reporter: we're live in downtown palo alto where women are being assaulted in the early-morning hours. i just spoke with police and i will tell you what they had to
8:29 am
say. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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8:31 am
the heavier rain is moving towards santa clara valley, san jose south maybe to santacruz and monterey, watsonville. the heaviest line, san jose, morgan hill, gilroy. but there's steadier rain to the north. i want to point out up in the north bay, it's now a lot of fog being reported. be careful. maybe you are not didn't with the rain yet. you can see hercules, crockett, san rafael, not done yet. oakland, san francisco even though that's much later and the sunol grade has been hit hard in the last hour. it looks like that's finally to
8:32 am
move to the east. here's tara. >> we have a sig-alert issued for the golden gate bridge. this is for folks headed northbound into marin county. it's at an absolute standstill. we had a head-on collision so this will definitely impact traffic. the sig-alert issued, about 15 minutes ago and this is definitely showing you on my maps here that all of the streets in san francisco now are backing up as a result. as you know, there aren't too many lanes here on the golden gate bridge. some of them have to be shut down because of this accident. so definitely be aware of this. i would actually avoid the golden gate bridge this morning, see if you could take the bay bridge instead and circumvent this. up next we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have gridlock here extending all the way past the maze up the east shore freeway. so definitely a horrible commute this morning into san francisco. 8:32. back to the desk.
8:33 am
oh. also. you can get up-to-the-minute weather information by downloading the ktvu app or go to our website,, and look for the stormwatch tab near the top of the pam. we also provide updates on facebook and twitter. >> all right, tara. police in palo alto adding patrols in the downtown area because women have been attacked. ktvu's janine de la vega is in palo alto to tell us exactly what happened. janine? >> reporter: dave, i actually just met with police just a couple of minutes ago. they are calling these crimes heinous and they are taking them very seriously. the latest one happened here in the 300 block of university avenue. a woman who was sleeping in -- in an enclosure here in front of a vacant business was assaulted by a man. that incident happened at 1:30 on sunday morning. police say the woman was in her 70s and woke up to a man trying to reach into her pocket. when she pushed him away, he
8:34 am
hit her repeatedly in the head, face and chest. that ran -- that man ran away empty-handed and then a woman in her 30s was walking and listening to music with headphones on and she was jumped from behind and pushed to the ground. the man tried to take her purse but when she resisted, officers say the man punched her in the face six to eight times. police want everyone to be on heightened alerts when they walk ahome. >> we're doing everything to step up the patrols. we want everybody to be safe. we want to make -- it's our number one priority to make sure the downtown is safe and a good place for some can um -- too come. >> reporter: here here is a map -- here is a map showing where these attacks had. police think she is cases are recated laws of the geographical location -- these cases are related because of the geographical location and the man in both cases, wearing
8:35 am
dark clothing and a hooded sweatshirt. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news it is 8:34. in overnight news, a family is extremely lucky, they managed to survive a serious chain reaction hit-and-run accident in san leandro. just before 1:00 this morning, a car carrying a husband and wife and their two children was struck by a big rig on highway 238 near the washington exit. everyone wanted -- managed to walk away from the crash. the chp says it be -- the process began with a white honda possibly hitting the center divide and losing its right front wheel. the family's car swerved to avoid the honda but lost control and ended up sideways. the big rig slowed down, managed to avoid a major collision but t-boned the family's car. two people in the honda fled the scene.
8:36 am
8:35. well, the man accused of kidnapping and raping an autistic girl from oakland is due to be in court for the first time today. pam cook is in the newsroom to tell us how the young lady is helping the investigators. >> this is one of those cases thats have -- that has veteran police officers shocked and upset. police took 36-year-old gary atkinson into custody accused of kidnapping and raping a 16- year-old girl who is autistic. he was arrested near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where police have surveillance video last tuesday, the same night the girl disappeared. police say he took her to a san francisco home and repeatedly raped her. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career as a police officer, that someone can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> now, the girl somehow managed to escape and has identified her attacker in a lineup. the kidnapping happened after
8:37 am
she walked away from the fred finch youth center, where she lives, in oakland. the state has launched an investigation into the youth center. the suspect, in court for the first time this morning. court records show that the man arrested has a violent criminal record, including five felony conviction can,s. he could face life in prison if convicted in this case. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, let's go back to cave and tori -- dave and tori. the city of dublin getting tough on tobacco, last night, the city council voted to ban tobacco use near schools, parks and daycare senders. the city -- septemberers. the city will charge a -- centers. the city will be charging a fee for these sales. the changes take effect next month. the caldecott tunnel turned 75 today. the first two bores opened in 1937 connecting oakland and orib da. the third bore was built 27
8:38 am
years later. a fourth bore is currently being drilled through the east bay hills and is scheduled to open late next year, hopefully. when it does, the tunnel will have four lanes in each direction at all times. i know you and i and a -- you and i and a lot of other drivers looking forward to that. the bad weather causing all kinds of problem. tara, a sig-alert on the golden gate bridge? >> that's right. your commute into marin county from san francisco is really a nightmare right now. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge, where we had a head-on collision a little bit earlier. you can see that traffic is virtually at a standstill. the wet rain, the wet roads, obviously not helping the situation. we have back up all the way into san francisco. this is most likely, you know, this is -- this is really sort of a nightmare timewise. i would really avoid this bridge altogether. perhaps take the bay bridge instead. it might be a longer route but you will get there a lot faster at this point. right now, let's take a --
8:39 am
let's look at the hams. we have several accidents to report on -- at the maps. we have zest accidents. you can see it's -- we have several accidents. you can see it's messy in all directions through the fremont/hayward area. finally, 280 at the 880 split. 280 northbound as you drive into clair. here's steve -- santa clara. here's heave. >> thank you, tara -- here's steve. >> thank you, tara. this is a warm system holding a lot more moisture. thankfully the wind didn't kick up. this is a much calmer storm. if it stalled out, it's one thing to be in deep pe tinas. it's -- petunias.
8:40 am
san jose, 1.52. alull rock and pill meet tis, it looks like -- you can see a band of radar that went by. we're not done completely. morgan hill, gilroy, pretty good rain down there. look at what's going on. even though you are seeing green. in is -- this is a very steady rain. los altos, woodside, right there is the dividing line. you can see at crockett our observer had .03. some areas didn't get much rain. others had over -- over an 1. san francisco had 1 inches. also, again, now we're starting to see a little break. it looks like things have let up a little bit near fremont and the sunol grade. the north bay, now, a couple of reports coming in. chloe up in clearlake, fog, fog, fog. kind of drizzlingy and misty --
8:41 am
drizzly and misty. this will be a big story tonight into torm. you need wind to scour -- into tomorrow. you need some wind to scour that out. there are parts of mendocino county 2 to 3 inches. run raver, about 2 to 3 inches. this system said i'm not going quietly. it will be with us -- i think the morning here starting to let up in the afternoon. it will be a cloudy, kind of rainy, some of it is drizzle and heavier rain. but again, by tonight, it won't be rain -- it won't be rain. it will be fog. we're sitting in 60 degrees now. 1or 2 degrees warmer won't make much different. the good news, it looks like a northwest wind will kick in. that will give us sunshine. it will be cooler and breezy. it will be dry into early next week. all right. well, our time is now:40. a driver really -- our time is now 8:40. a driver made a wrong turn
8:42 am
here. and why b.a.r.t. is spending millions of dollars to relocate birds. a woman shot to death while riding her bike along this street in berkeley overnight. what police are saying about a possible motive and why investigator the say they will need the public's -- investigators say they will need the public's help to solve this crime when "mornings on 2" continues. li's: since 1868.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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a head-on collision happened about a half-hour ago. the northbound commute into marin county is still at a virtual standstill. emergency crews are on the scene. a flatbed tow truck is still en route to try to get the consideration out of there. brian flores is on wait. he will give us a live update. i would avoid this area. take the bay bridge instead. markets are mixed right now -- markets are mixed right now. apple stocks are starting to drag down due in part to a consultant's report about the company losing share in the tablet market. right now apple's stock is down about 4.5% to $550. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 67. the nasdaq is down slightly.
8:46 am
it is down 0 and s&p is up slightly. it is 8:45. the british company that owns fresh and easy grocery stores is examining its options. tess co says the small neighborhood -- tesco says the grocery stores are showing losses. despite that, they've been approached by other companies interested in buying some or all of the its fresh and easy stores. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. we have rain. be careful driving. give yourself extra time to get any place you need to go. the rain is causing a variety of commute problems in the bay area. even some urban flooding. look at 580. this wet weather could make things worse after the big storm we had over last weekend. >> if congress in any way suggests they are gonna tie negotiations to debt sealing
8:47 am
votes as part of a budget negotiation. which we've never done in our history until we did it last year, i will not play that game. that was president obama this morning. he made his fiscal cliff pitch to business leaders in washington. and in berkeley, police are investigating the middle -- the fatal shooting of a woman on a bicycle. she was shot outside of a middle school around midnight. ktvu's alex savidge has been on this since 4:30 and investigators are still looking for clues. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, dave. berkeley police truly need witnesses to step up and help them track down the killer in this -- in this case. this woman was riding her bike along this portion of sacramento street when someone shot her to death. it all happened as you can see, right next to the yard at lock fellow middle school. classes just began here a short time ago. i was told the school was not going to make an announcement about what happened because it happened in the middle of the
8:48 am
night. dorie ner has -- the coroner says the woman has not been identified yet. she was in her late 50s, early 40s. 911 calls came in about a bicyclist down on the sidewalk. many callers believe this was a crash -- believed this was a crash and when police officers got here, they realized she was shot. paramedics pronounced her dead at scene the -- dead at the scene. >> it's a rare occurrence for berkeley to have homicides. even one is unacceptable. we would really like to found out how this happened and who did this. if anyone has information, we would appreciate them calling us. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the department tells me investigators can't say at this time if this woman was targeted or possibly the victim of a random crime. so far police are not releasing a description of any kind on the shooter they are looking for this morning. live this morning in berkeley,
8:49 am
alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. we have new information now about an overnight shooting in oakland that sent now people to the hospital with serious injuries. it's a story we've been following since 4:30. claudine wong is in oakland. just got a lock at -- at some new surveillance video. it's video you will only see here on channel 2. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we just got the surveillance video within the last couple minutes. it was shot at this liquor store on east 18th. the shooting actually happened three blocks from where we are up the street on the 600 block of east 18th. but one of the victims, a fourth victim, was struck by a stray bullet that traveled down three blocks and hit this man as he was walking into this store. it was all, again, caught on video. let me show you that surveillance video. we just got the video. you can see the man approaching the door and he just goes down. obviously, there was no sound
8:50 am
on the videorecording but the son of the storeowner said he was heard several shots and was only standing a foot away from the man when he was shot. he said the victim was a regular customer who crawled on the floor tho safety while the son said he called 911 -- on the floor to safety while the son said he called 911. >> i was thinking about it all last night. >> reporter: now, we also talked to police this morning. they say powerful weapons used. there were multiple shooters. three people were hit in their 20s. two men and a woman. police say they were standing on the street when the gunfire erupted. police believe there were multiple shooters. we don't know a motive. let's show you this video. imagine this man, three blocks away. police wont tell me what kind of weapons were used but had to be -- police won't tell me what kind of weapon were used but they had to be powerful.
8:51 am
all shooting victims expected to be okay. they all have serious injuries but they are expected to survive. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. ten minutes before 9:00. a woman is recovering from minor injuries this morning after being hit by a car inside a berkeley liquor store. witnesses say a driver lost control of his car around 9:45 last night and crashed through the store on san pablo avenue. you can see the whole car ended up inside the store. the woman who was hit inside the store was taken to the hospital. the driver remained on the scene and is cooperating with police. 8:50. $5million has been spent by b.a.r.t. to move birds away. b.a.r.t. says the money is well spent, saying the birds could have delayed the extension to warm things in san jose. the first leg of the b.a.r.t. extension is due to open in south fremont in 2015 and reach san jose by 2018. a proposal to close fire
8:52 am
stations is now temporarily on hold in contra costa county. the reason four stations may be forced to close and when a vote is now expected. we're looking at our morning commute. traffic. tara told you about a sig-alert on the golden gate bridge. all of the details are coming up. there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. max's mom uses it on soft surfaces. it freshens, doesn't stain, and unlike febreze, it's approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook.
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8:54 am
a sig-alert issued for the golden gate bridge, a head-on collision creating a nightmare
8:55 am
for folks heading into marin county this morning. and now we're seeing backup on the southbound side. a car -- the cars are just now starting to come through, but they are being allowed to trickle through. i believe they are stopping traffic before the span so they can use those lanes. your backup -- your backup, jive been seeping an eye on it. fremont police are searching for a suspect blamed for a. a felony warrant is issued for this man. he's described as a light- skinned 18-year-old man,
8:56 am
approximately 5'11" weighing 180 pounds with black hair. he may be living in oakland or his home town of benicia. a san rafael teenager accused of attempted murder is expected to appear in court today. max wade is charged with shooting at a couple in a pickup last april in mill valley. he's also accused of stealing a lamborghini belonging to food network chef guy fieri from a luckry -- from a luxury car dealership in san francisco last year. a vote deciding the fate of four contra costa fire stations has been declayed until next week. the delays comes as a parcel tax. the fire stations recommended to be close resident in martinez, walnut creek, la fayette and in clayton. yesterday, the supervisors asked the fire chief for more information before they make it official. we want to head back to
8:57 am
tara. you can -- you can see -- every time we go to the shop, you see the same cars there. >> the white pickup truck. i feel so bad for that guy, major head-on injury backup into marin county of and now we're seeing backup on the southbound side. have not seen cars coming through on the southbound cars. emergency crews and the tow truck using those lanes to get everybody out of the area. so your -- so your backup is horrible. take the bay bridge instead. here is the 880 near the oakland coliseum. you can see we have bad backup here at wes -- as well. i'm looking at my maps and i'm seeing it extends all the way down past fremont, almost to san jose in the southbound direction. 8:56. let's head to steve. not a bad system even though it was the weakest of the four. heavier rain santa clara valley, down to monterey. still a steady rain, though,
8:58 am
look for a gray day, lighter amounts of rain, it will end tonight and fog will be a big story, dry, cooler, breezy. >> but the fog, you said we need to watch for. >> yes. and i think tonight and tomorrow morning will be really bad. >> torm morning? >> and steve, you are a music fan. we just had breaking news. pioneering jazz composer brew beck has i died -- bru-- dave brubeck. i believe he has ties to the bay area. >> his father had a cattle ranch out to the concord pavilion. >> yeah, yeah. >> his dad's up in the lucky store in concord if you want to see it. >> all right. just happened. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to watch the noon news for more on the stormy weather in the bay area. and here comes t
8:59 am
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